Originally from Mexico,  Jose Trujillo has been practising photography for over 10 years.

His passion took him from homeland to Spain in 2007, where he perfected his skills whilst studying at the CENTRO de ESTUDIOS FOTOGRAFICOS in Palma, Mallorca.

Since then his work has focused on commercial photography, working across multiple projects for clients within the Yachting Tourism & Hospitality business, including assignments for Sport and Product photography.

He’s also continued to develop his own personal portfolio, concentrating on travel, landscape and fashion photography.

Jose’s photography speaks for itself.  He has the ability to capture the moment,  whilst still ensuring a realism that is so often missed in commercial photography.

‘Every project or assignment is unique, with different needs and challenges.  I aim to pull out the  very best of every situation, whether the shoot is focused on a a person, place, or event.’  

Each aspect needs to be reflected in the image so I take great care and attention on the detail and symmetry of the frame, testing and polishing every shot.  I align the different elements to get the best picture possible. The result is a an image that says something to the viewer,  and that is, hopefully unique and timeless.  


Languages // Spanish, English, Italian


I’m always striving for perfection, both for myself and for my clients!’

Photography is a tool of great power nowadays in these era of images.

“A Universal Lenguaje”





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